Welcome to my online photo gallery! I am an Idaho gal who loves blending my love for photography with time spent in the great outdoors. The focus of photography is the language it creates between us. That's why you can find me on Saturdays at local markets and craft shows where I love meeting people and sharing stories with my potential clients. As you view my photographs you'll get a look into my soul - seeing what is important to me.

What's New: 

If you have seen some of my work and it is not published on my website please feel free to contact me and I can get them loaded for ordering. Also, more images can be found on my Flickr site. I am always available to work with you on custom orders and pricing.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram (or click icons in upper right corner of this page), that is where I share many of my new images and keep clients apprised of upcoming events.

We are about to wrap up another year which leaves me with time to reflect on what an amazing year it has been. It's also time to express my appreciation to all my terrific customers and clients, to thank you for all your business, and for sharing photos of my artwork as it hangs on your walls. It means the world to me that you would choose my work to be displayed in your homes and offices or give as gifts. And to all the friends I have made in the vendor community, you have enlightened my year beyond belief with your humor, camaraderie and caring. To those who stop by my booth week in and week out to check in with me, tell me your stories, share your insights and drop off mementos that I will cherish forever. For all these things I am feeling thankful and blessed. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas with joy, peace and love to follow in the new year.